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Last Update Oct. 23, 2018
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SPACE   FOR   LEASE   -   ALBUQUERQUE   NM   -   Space   in   large chiropractic    clinic    for    lease.        Leave    message    for    Dr.    Gary Peterson 505-244-0672 - Posted Oct. 23,18 ___________________________________________________ ADJUSTING   DOCTOR   POSITION   AVAILABLE   IN   COASTAL SC:   We   have   a   position   available   on   our   wellness   team   for   an amazing   manual   adjuster.   The   right   candidate   has   finesse   and artistry   to   their   diversified,   manual   adjustment   techniques,   has good   communication   skills,   leads   a   healthy   lifestyle   by   example, wants   to   work   in   a   wellness   environment   (not   a   pain,   PI   nor workcomp   practice),   has   kids   and   infant   adjusting   experience, and   is   a   solid   team   player.   No   need   to   put   attention   towards hiring,     firing,     marketing,     collections,     any     of     the     busy administrative   hassles,   just   delivering   amazing   adjustments   with genuine   care,   managing   client   care,   documenting   their   progress and    have    a    40-42/hr    workweek    getting    paid    very would   your   family   like   that?   You   would   NOT   be   in   the   office   55- 65/hrs   a   week   doing   everything   under   the   sun   that   most   clinic owners   do!   Position   is   available   immediately.   To   apply   for   this position,   submit   your   cover   letter   explaining   why   you   would   be   a good   fit,   a   recent   photo   if   you   like,   as   well   as   your   current resume to   - Posted October 22,18 ___________________________________________________ EXAM   DOCTOR   OPPORTUNITY   AVAILABLE   IN   COASTAL SC:   Practice   1   mile   from   the   beach?   GREAT   opportunity   for recent   graduate   waiting   to   take   national   boards   and   ready   to hone   their   skills   in   a   high   volume,   subluxation   centered   family practice   with   plenty   of   room   for   advancement   and   growth.      Does not     need     to     be     licensed     but     must     be     an     energetic, compassionate    and    highly    motivated    doctor    who    is    ethical, professional   and   eager   to   learn   and   work.      Practice   in   a   well- established,   fast   growing,   state   of   the   art   clinic   fitted   with   up   to date   equipment,   EMR,   and   support   staff.   We   teach   successful office   procedures,   practice   management   skills,   marketing,   and Dr/pt   protocol.   The   Doctor   will   help   with   histories,   exams,   taking and    analyzing    x-rays,    Dr's    workshop,    screenings    or    special events   on   weekends   and   helping   where   needed.   We   are   looking for   new   doc   that   is   looking   for   an   office   to   call   home   as   we would   provide   associate   opportunity   after   licensure   is   granted. Compensation    includes    training,    hourly    pay    plus    bonus    and opportunity   to   learn   from   a   successful   chiropractor   who   knows how   to   help   you   succeed.      Immediate   start,   FT,   Mon,   Tues, Thurs    8:00-6:00pm    &    Fri.    8:00-1:00pm.        To    apply    for    this position,   submit   your   cover   letter   explaining   why   you   would   be   a good   fit,   a   recent   photo   if   you   like,   as   well   as   your   current resume    to     Thanks    for    making    a difference! - Posted October 22,18 ___________________________________________________ FREE   but   must   pick   up   in   Illinois:   4   surgical   lights,   2   incubator lights,   1   infant   scale.      If   interested   call   Dr.   Hoagland   618-562- 0145   Posted Oct. 17,18 ___________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE    WANTED:    Thriving    Christian    family    practice    in Florida   panhandle   looking   for   a   Christian   associate   to   help   carry on    the    stewardship    of    our    wonderful    patients.    AO    (Atlas Orthogonal)     and    Activator     techniques.     Located     in     family- oriented   community.   Send   resume’   to:     Associate,   PO   Box   1960, Lynne         Haven,         FL                  32444         or         E-mail         to:   - Posted Sept. 4, 18 ___________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE   to   OWNERSHIP   opportunity   available   now:   Small Town   America   in   North   Central   Ohio.   Our   community   is   looking for     a     caring,     loving,     giving,     serving     doctor.     Wonderful doctor/patient    relationships.    Our    practice    is    100%    cash    with absolutely   no   third   party   involvement.   It's   time   to   pass   the   torch and    train    the    next    doctor.    Owner    doctor    has    taught    both Activator and Impulse Technique for 37 years. - Be your Best; learn from the Best! - Christian values are a Must. - Email me: . - Let's make this work for both of us. Posted Aug 9,18 ___________________________________________________ COLORADO:   Caring   Chiropractor   Needed   to   serve   the   growing &   active   communities   between   Denver   &   Boulder.      Integrated care   clinic   providing   chiropractic,   acupuncture,   massage,   rehab, digital   x-ray,   EMR,   Leander   tables   &   multiple   physical   therapy modalities.   Please   send   letter   of   interest   with   CV   &   resume   to fi Posted July. 23,18 ___________________________________________________ CHIROPRACTIC     ASSOCIATE     WANTED     for     Ownership Opportunity    in    Asheville,    NC:    Enjoy    the    best    of    North Carolina’s   Mountain   and   City   Life   in   one   of   the   greatest   cities   in all   the   world?   If   you   have   great   manual   spine   and   extremity adjusting   skills,   you   will   have   an   opportunity   to   put   them   to   work, starting   as   an   associate   and   move   into   the   path   for   ownership. Current   owner   is   67   years   old   and   ready   to   slow   down.      The practice    is    going    strong    and    growing    seeing    over    36    New Patients    per    month    working    4    days    a    week    with    very    little advertising.   This   is   no   ordinary   dead-end   associate   job.   Bring your   desire   to   own,   your   skills   and   motivation   and   you   will   find yourself   surrounded   by   a   thriving   practice,   welcoming   team   and a   plan   to   put   you   in   the   owner   position   soon!   Avoid   the   risks   of starting   from   scratch   and   the   long,   slow   painful   climb   towards DIY-success.   You’ll   be   on   the   fast-track   to   your   dreams   and you’ll   benefit   from   decades   of   solid   systems   in   place   to   run   this business   smoothly.      PLUS,   you’ll   have   the   mentoring   you   need to   guide   you   through   the   process   of   being   an   Associate   and   a Business   Owner.   Must   be   willing   to   become   a   clone   of   my   style of   practice   and   share   our   Christian   values   of   honesty,   integrity, respect,   kindness   and   sense   of   social   responsibility.   If   you   are still    interested...Great!        Email    me   and   write   a   2-paragraph   statement   of   why   you   feel   this   is   your perfect   opportunity.   PLEASE   do   NOT   call   the   office   and   clog things   up. Also   (very   important):   Put   in   your   subject   line   “I’m   the one” that will show me you have read the entire ad. ___________________________________________________ LOOKING    FOR    A    FULL-TIME    DC:    Northcentral    Wisconsin offers   great   fishing,   hunting   and   golfing.   We   are   looking   for   a full-time   doctor   starting   immediately   with   a   goal   to   have   his/her own   well-established   practice   in   Antigo,   Wisconsin.      We   are seeking    someone    professional,    trustworthy    with    a    current Wisconsin   Chiropractic   license.   We   are   preferred   providers   for insurance   companies   in   our   community   which   includes   Aspirus and   Security   Health   Networks.   We   use   ChiroTouch   software. This   is   a   great   opportunity   for   a   doctor   to   work   towards   the purchase    of    their    own    practice    including    the    chiropractic building.           Please           email           your           resume           to    or   call   715-573-3224   /   715-573-3222 -- Posted July11,18 __________________________________________________ SEEKING   CHIROPRACTIC   ASSOCIATE   with   opportunity   for lease    to    own    thriving    neurological    chiropractic    practice    in Sheboygan,      Wisconsin.            Must      be      service      minded.  and 920-917-8227 - Posted July11,18 __________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE    TO    GROW    WITH    FUTURE    POSSIBILITIES    - Greenville,     SC     CMT/ART     Family     Practice:     Established Christian   chiro   office   with   one   doctor   in   semi   retirement.   Ready to    consider    second    treating    doctor    to    learn    from    55    years success    and    build    a    future    in    a    wonderful    environment    and location   In   the   upstate   of   South   Carolina.   Email   resume   and   or questions       to        Our       website       is DocPop.Com      if     you’re     interested     to     see     what     we     look like.....ART   Certification   will   be   a   must   for   applicant   and   we would    consider    experienced    or    student    if    the    fit    is    there.    - Posted July10,18 ___________________________________________________ AUSTIN,         TEXAS         OPPORTUNITY:                  23         years         ago         I        found            a    Christian            chiropractor            through            the            CCA          newsletter         who         was   praying      for      help.            He      mentored      me     and      I      carried      on      his      legacy.            I   am      offering      someone      the     same      opportunity      that      was      granted      to   me-      Well      established     family      wellness      practice,      which      offers      full-spine         adjusting        techniques         to         include         diversified,         Thompson   toggle      and     activator.            Presently      utilizing      the      AMC      system      and   need     help      keeping      up      the      pace:      Open      to      ideas,      mentor,      office share,      partnership,      associate.            Interested      parties      send     phone   contact         only         via         text         directly         to         doctor         at         (512)        762-1610 - Posted July 5,18 ___________________________________________________ SPACE    TO    SHARE:    Share    space    in    Redondo    Beach,    CA, space/therapy/internet/some   assistant   help,   cost   $1000/mo   to start,       contact       Dr       Pendergraft       310       415       0719       or  Blessings  - Posted June 21,18 ___________________________________________________ LOOKING   FOR   AN   ASSOCIATE:   new   /   recent   grad   to   be   an associate    in    growing    practice    in    Wilmington,    DE.    Amazing location     centrally     located     to     Philly,     NYC,     Baltimore,     DC, Delaware    /    Jersey    beaches,    and    Pocono    mountains.    Future opportunity   here   would   be   very   good   for   the   right   doctor.   300+ visits   per   week   with   2   docs   and   growing.   Senior   doc   looking   to scale   back   and   more   hands   are   needed.   Candidate   is   willing   to be   trained,   has   high   motivation   and   great   adjusting   skills;   he/she should   be   a   thoughtful,   compassionate   person   with   good   moral character    and    ability    to    build    rapport    with    people.    Delaware requires    PT    boards    for    license.    Contact    Dr.    Wharton    at   - Posted May 22,18 ___________________________________________________ CHIROPRACTIC    ASSOCIATE    NEEDED     (Sacramento    area, CA)    Established,    growing    multidisciplinary    clinic    in    Folsom, seeks    licensed    Chiropractor    to    join    our    team.    We    pride ourselves    on    our    exceptional/outstanding    patient    care    and service.     Ideal     candidate     is     passionate,     dedicated,     highly competent,       self-motivated       professional       who       exercises professional   integrity   and   clinical   expertise. Also   be   comfortable in   a   team   environment,   with   the   long-term   goal   of   building   their career here at Spinal Health Institute to better service patients. Compensation:   $100,000   potential   annually   employment   type: Position      available      immediately.      Independent      Contractor Position. Valid California Chiropractic License required. Contact:   - Posted May 16,18 ___________________________________________________
IMMEDIATE ASSOCIATE POSITION AVAILABLE: Our    10    yr    old    well    established    practice    is    located    in    the Peachtree   City/Newnan   area   of   Georgia.   The   very   1st   year,   you can   expect   to   make   60-85K.   We   will   offer   the   opportunity   for   a   3 year   buy   out/in.   We   are   a   very   warm,   friendly,   community-based practice   that   focuses   on   families   and   kids.   Experience   is   a   plus but   not   required.   Will   work   with   the   right   candidate.   This   is   the perfect   area   to   live   and/or   raise   a   family,   just   35   minutes   south of Atlanta. Please click (or copy and paste) the link to apply:   - Posted Sept. 24,18 ___________________________________________________ LOOKING      FOR      AN      ASSOCIATE/EXAM   DOCTOR:   Looking for   an   associate   in   Lansing   Michigan.   Three   office   locations surrounding   Michigan   State   University.   More   hands   are   needed as   practice   expands   and   grows.Candidate   must   be      willing   to   be trained/coached,   has   high   motivation   and   eagerness   to   learn; he/she    should    be    a    thoughtful,        compassionate    person    with good   moral   character   and   the         ability   to   build   rapport   and   trust with      people.      Contact      Dr.      Jean      Guy      Daigneault      @     or    (517)    712-8167    for    more    information. Posted Aug 22,18 ___________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE    TEAM    DOCTOR    NEEDED:    High    volume    (800- 1000   patient   visits   per   week),   Subluxation   Based,   All   Cash,   No Insurance   Chiropractic   Clinic   looking   to   hire   an   Associate   Team Doctor   who   is   excited   to   learn   how   to Adjust   the   Masses   and   get results   with   Pure   Chiropractic!   Newly   graduated   Doctors   are welcome    to    apply.    No    Experience    Required,    will    teach    high volume analysis, adjusting, communication and more! If   you   are   ready   to   learn   and   implement   along   side   another   high volume         Chiropractor,         send         your         resume         to:  - Posted Aug 21,18 ___________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE    DOCTOR-MINNESOTA:    Wellness    based    family practice   (located   30   miles   north   of   the   Twin   Cities)   in   need   of full-time   chiropractor.   Ideal   candidate   leads   a   healthy   lifestyle,   is energetic,      passionate,      principle-based,      outgoing,      strong educating/marketing   skill   and   exceptional   clinical/diagnostic   and adjusting   skills.   The   position   provides   a   competitive   base   salary with   bonus   potential.     The   possibility   of   future   partnership   is   also available   for   the   right   candidate.   Please   forward   your   resume   to Posted July. 17,18 ___________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE       DOCTOR       OPPORTUNITY       NORTHWEST INDIANA:   Are   you   looking   for   beach   living,   but   close   to   a   big city?    Our    Northwest    Indiana    practice    is    looking    for    full    time position   to   be   filled!      We   are   located   1   hour   from   downtown Chicago,   ½   hour   from   the   University   of   Notre   Dame   for   college sports   events,   and   right   on   Lake   Michigan   Beaches   for   summer time   fun.   We   have   a   successful   25   year   established   practice   in a    3200    sq.    ft.    free    standing    clinic    with    physical    therapy, massage      therapy,      decompression      therapy,      x-ray,      and rehabilitation.   Enthusiastic,   ambitious   doctor   that   is   coachable   is a   must   to   join   our   team.   You   will   be   trained   on   how   to   run   a successful   practice.   We   have   mentored   associate   doctors   for over    10    years.    Competitive    salary    and    bonus    program    is offered.    Excellent    opportunity.    If    you    want    to    have    a    very successful   Chiropractic   career,   E-mail   resume/CV   and   letter   of interest to Thank you for your interest! - Posted July11,18 __________________________________________________ KINGSTON,   JAMAICA:   We   are   looking   for   a   doctor   with   the qualifications   to   be   the   lead   doctor   in   our   main   clinic   in   Jamaica. This   is   the   best   opening   we   will   ever   have.   Immediate   opening for   a   good   spinal   adjustor   in   Jamaica.   We   have   clinics   across the   island   with   openings   for   recent   graduates   or   experienced veterans.   We   will   teach   you   how   to   have   a   successful   practice with    our    streamlined    and    simplified    practice    management system. You   need   to   be   a   coachable   team   player   with   ability   and drive   and   be   able   to   join   us   within   3   months.   No   Insurance.   No Board.   No   Malpractice!   Excellent   compensation   package   and you   get   paid   every   day!   Send   your   CV,   a   recent   picture,   your phone   number   and   Skype   ID   and   we   will   set   a   time   to   talk   about this exciting opportunity. Email: - Posted May 2,18 ___________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE     DOCTOR     NEEDED     with     Future     Buy     Out Opportunity   NW   Indiana.   Are   you   looking   for   beach   living,   but close    to    a    big    city?    Our    Michigan    City,    Indiana    practice    is looking    for    full    time    position    to    be    filled    with    future    buy    out opportunity!        We    are    located    1-½    hours    from    downtown Chicago,   ½   hour   from   the   University   of   Notre   Dame   for   college sports   events,   and   right   on   Lake   Michigan   Beaches   for   summer time   fun.   We   have   a   successful   25   year   established   practice   in a    3200    sq.    ft.    free    standing    clinic    with    physical    therapy, massage      therapy,      decompression      therapy,      x-ray,      and rehabilitation.   Enthusiastic,   ambitious   doctor   that   is   coachable   is a   must   to   join   our   team.   You   will   be   trained   on   how   to   run   a successful   practice.   Competitive   salary   and   bonus   program   is offered.   Excellent   opportunity.   E-mail   resume/CV   and   letter   of interest to . Thank you for your interest. Posted Feb 5, 18 ___________________________________________________ LOOKING    for    a    doctor    who    is    serious    about    upper    cervical chiropractic   to   buy   my   30   year   family-based   practice.   Located   in my   free   standing   building,   we   are   referral   based,   taking   care   of generations   of   patient   families.   Primarily   Grostic/Orthospinology, but    NUCCA    or   AO    doctors    would    also    make    a    good    fit.   All doctors,    including    new    graduates    are    welcome.    Experience preferred     but     will     train     the     right     doctor.     Fast     growing Coweta/Fayette    area    with    exceptional    schools,    perfect    for raising   a   family.   Please   email   if   serious     Posted Feb 2, 18 ___________________________________________________ D.C.   NEEDED:   Francophone   Ministries   for   Christ   has   need   for a   Chiropractor   in   Burkina   Faso.   Jan.   2018   The   country   opened to    DC’s        Tremendous    ministry    opportunity    with    16    million population   in   the   buffer   zone   of   Africa.   66%   Muslim.   B.F.   is   a French   speaking   country   so   learning   is   essential.   Three   clinics already   open   and   waiting   for   a   full-time   DC.   Will   accept   one   or two         year         commitment.         Contact         Dr.         Carpenter 414-216-1454 - Posted Jan. 30, 18 . ___________________________________________________ WANT   TO   MOVE   TO   AUSTRALIA?   Well   established   thriving clinic   seeks   chiropractor   or   chiropractic   couple.   Riverina   Family Chiropractic    is    situated    in    a    cosmopolitan    country    NSW    city called    Griffith    ( )    please    email for more information. Visit website: and      Posted Jan. 5, 18 ___________________________________________________ SAN    DIEGO    CHIROPRACTOR    is    looking    for    Godly,    like- minded,   health   care   professional   to   rent   or   share   office   space. Join    us    in    our    newly    updated,    fully    equipped    office    which includes   x-ray,   electronic   billing   system   and   plenty   of   parking. We   are   conveniently   located   to   downtown   and   Mission   Bay   just off   I-5.   IMMEDIATE   AVAILABILITY-   Contact   Dr.   Gary   at   619- 276-7575 or email.  - Posted Nov. 8, 17 ___________________________________________________ OFFICE   SPACE   AVAILABLE:   Three   Offices   and   Receptionist area   available   for   rent.      Located   in   St.   Louis,   Missouri   63123.     88,000    sq.    ft.    indoor    training    facility    has    10,000+    teams, parents,   clients   and   spectators   that   frequent   our   facility   yearly.     We   would   like   to   add   a   chiropractic   office   to   our   space   to   create a   well-rounded   facility.      Please   call   Cindy   at   314-517-0959   to take a tour or to address any questions. Posted Oct. 24,17 ___________________________________________________ COLORADO     SPRINGS:     Private     investor     looking     for     a chiropractor   that   wants   to   open   and   run   his   or   her   own   practice in   Colorado   Springs!   We   have   invested   in   offices   in   the   past when    docs    are    unable    to    secure    business    funding,    and Colorado   Springs   is   one   of   the   fastest   growing   and   best   places to   live   in   Colorado.      This   is   great   opportunity   to   own   and   run your   own   office   with   business   help   and   without   the   stress   of having   to   secure   funding.   Due   to   some   of   the   connections   in   the area,   a   doc   who   is   a   believer   is   preferred.      Please   email   CV   to   Posted Sept. 27,17 ___________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE   POSITION    with   mentoring   will   involve   everything involved    in    running    a    practice    -    adjusting,    patient    education procedures    from    new    patient    exam    to    delivering    wellness workshops,    x-ray    marking/developing    as    well    as    community outreach    events    where    we    educate    our    community    on    the benefits    of    chiropractic    care.    As    a    Family    Wellness    based chiropractor   for   the   last   20   years   in   Oakville   (30   mins   West   of Toronto),   I   have   been   mentoring   students   ever   since   I   started several    clubs    at    CMCC    (Pediatrics,    Thompson,    Friends    in Chiropractic).   I   have   had   many   doctors   and   students   visit   the clinic    over    the    years    and    some    have    mentored    with    me    to become   associates.   One   opportunity   currently   available   for   this associate   position.   All   I   ask   is   for   your   time,   commitment,   and energy   to   learn,   grow,   and   develop   into   a   Chiropractic   Warrior!   If you   are   a   graduated   DC,   or   a   Chiropractic   student   planning   your future         career,         please         respond         by         email         to:  with a description of your interest. Call    me    personally    at    365-778-3733    if    you    want    to    confirm receipt of your email. -- Posted Sept. 5, 17 ___________________________________________________ UTAH   -   Cottonwood   Heights:   Furnished,   Chiropractic   Clinic for   Rent   $2000   Digital   X   Ray,   Cox   Flexion/Distraction   Adjusting Table,   Massage   Table,   General   Office   Furniture   1272   Square Feet,    Built    out    4    treatment    Rooms,    Marketing    Office/Break room,    X-ray    room,    Private    Bathroom,    and    Storage    Closets. Video Tour   -- Posted Sept. 1, 17 ___________________________________________________ PENNSYLVANIA      OFFICE      TO      SHARE:      Christian   chiropractor and    nutritionist    looking    to    share    office    space    in    Southern Chester County Pennsylvania.  Call Vince at 610-368-4574! Posted July 25,17   ___________________________________________________
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